Описание 2-полосная колонка
    Динамики СЧ: 3 x 5¼" ВЧ: 2 x AMT
    Частотный диапазон 80 – 22к Гц
    Необходимое усиление 2 канала
    Макс. уровень звукового давления @ 1 м 130 дБ
    Расположение Встроенные в стену
    Габариты (Ш х В х Г) 49.2 x 35.0 x 15.0 см
    Масса 18 кг
    Комментарии Минимум 4 модуля
    Отделка Матовый черный
    • Review from Luister
      Luister, a Dutch hi-fi magazine, has done an in-depth review of the Model C system in a stereo setup. The review includes the following quotes: "Timing is what it is all about. Conventional systems have no control over timing, but Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model C does. As soon as the first sounds were emitted from the Model C loudspeakers, we forgot entirely about the advanced electronics that made it possible. We could give our full attention to the sound of Dvorák and our friends from Vienna."